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Risk Management, Financial Innovation and Institutional Development in rural areas<BR><EM>Evidence from the Coffee Sector in Ethiopia</EM> Titolo Risk Management, Financial Innovation and Institutional Development in rural areas
Evidence from the Coffee Sector in Ethiopia
Autore Laura Viganò, Luciano Bonomo
Anno 2007
ISBN 978-88-95184-47-0
Dati p. 226
Collana Economia Aziendale - Economia Aziendale
  •  Libro: 18.00€

The vulnerability of rural households and individuals in developing countries is often very high and may badly affect living standards. Risk of different nature not only challenge farmers’ living conditions but also limit their ability to develop their capacity, even if investment opportunities exist. These risks also represent constraints on the access to different sources of finance. Risk, therefore, is to be considered one of the major factors affecting the potential for economic growth.
This research deals with problems of yield and price risk management in rural areas of Ethiopia -focusing attention on coffee growers- and suggests both product and institutional innovations which may improve the ability of farmers to protect themselves against these risks. The main aim is to describe the most modern approaches based on market instruments and to explore if it is possible to integrate them into an economic environment composed of small entrepreneurs who are seldom used to operating in an international context.
After a theoretical section, the case of Ethiopia follows in which the results of an institutional survey and those of at the field study (more than 1.00 households were interviewed) are presented. A final section offers an overview of the major findings and perspectives for the development of market based risk management tools.