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Global Supply Chain Management In The Manifacturing Industry<br> Titolo Global Supply Chain Management In The Manifacturing Industry
Autore Ruggero Golini
Anno 2011
ISBN 978-88-6642-016-3
Dati 158
Collana Ingegneria - Ingegneria
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This book highlights the importance of supply chain management, namely exchanging information and coordinating efforts with suppliers and customers, in order to support globalization strategies determined by companies. Globalization does not only refer to the act of selling all around the world, but also to sourcing and manufacturing on the global scale, and all of this needs to be coordinated flawlessly. As reported in the book, in the manufacturing industry more than 32% of companies source, manufacture and/or sell for more than 50% outside the continent they belong to. Within this context, this book provides a conceptualization of the above-mentioned phenomena and ends up with the guidelines considered to be useful for companies in supporting their globalization strategies. First of all, four different global supply chain models are identified. Next, for each model, the best investments in the supply chain that aim to improve performance are defined. Finally, the effect of contextual variables is taken into account, and, in particular, it shows that the structure of the supply chain from one end to another (also called the value chain) holds a crucial role. The results are supported by empirical data from an international survey (IMSS) and case studies in the electric motors industry.