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New research perspectives in the monetary theory of production<br> Titolo New research perspectives in the monetary theory of production
Autore A cura di Stefano Lucarelli, Marco Passarella
Anno 2012
ISBN 978-88-6642-075-0, 978-88-6642-104-7(eBook)
Dati p.164
Collana Scienze Economico-Aziendali - Scienze Economico-Aziendali
  •  eBook: 7.00€
Capitolo Dimostrativo

This book aims to offer a picture of the recent developments in the Italian approach to the Monetary Theory of Production. To this end, the volume contains eight contributions (preceded by a precious Preface by Alessandro Vercelli) of ten heterodox economists, a part of whom participated in the homonymous special session at the VII Conference, University of Trento (Italy), on June 2010.
The main target of this collection of papers is to provide the reader with some of the new insights into the link between the Monetary Theory of Production and the other current non-mainstream approaches, as well as to suggest the possibility of using monetary macro-social models in the analysis of the effects of alternative policies on the real-world “financially sophisticated” economies of production.

Stefano Lucarelli is Assistant Professor in Political Economy at the University of Bergamo, Italy. He edited, together with Andrea Fumagalli, Money and Technological Change. The Role of Financing in the Process of Evolution (Hermes-Lavoisier, 2008)

Marco Passarella is Research Fellow at the Economics Division of the Leeds University Business School, UK. His areas of expertise include: Classical-Marxian theory of price and distribution, Post Keynesian monetary macroeconomics, history and philosophy of economics.

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